For 24/7 support, call the SMS/800 Help Desk at 888-SMS-3300, Option 1.


The ‘800 Service Management System (SMS/800) Functions Tariff - FCC No. 1’ specifies that each individual Resp Org entity must demonstrate that one or more of their employees have been adequately trained in the SMS/800 capabilities and features, including handling Customer Records, number administration, and service provisioning.

SMS/800 is intended to support a large number of knowledgeable users utilizing a variety of established interfaces. In order to assure that all users of SMS/800 receive the necessary and appropriate support with SMS/800, it is essential that users possess the necessary minimal level of expertise. There are training classes and self study materials available to help prepare an individual for the SMS/800 Certification Exam. The fee for all SMS/800 training classes is $350.00 per student per day. The Certification Exam is administered by the SMS/800 Help Desk.

The following are frequently asked questions and answers for SMS/800 training. If you have additional questions or you would like to register for a training class, please contact the SMS/800 Help Desk at 888-SMS-3300, Option 1.

Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What SMS/800 classroom training is available?

The SMS/800 Help Desk conducts a variety of SMS/800 face-to-face training classes for new and experienced users. Classes are scheduled several times a year at different locations. For available class locations please refer to the training schedule document.

There are four (4) available types of training classes:

  • 5-day SMS/800 WBA Database: This class covers all important Responsible Organization (Resp Org) features for the SMS/800 Web Based Access (WBA) and can be beneficial by ensuring your business will be familiar with all the available functionality in SMS/800.
  • 2-day SMS/800 Complex Record Building: This class covers Complex Routing and includes many hands-on exercises.
  • 2-day SMS/800 WBA Refresher & WRS: This class includes a review of the major features covered in the 5-day SMS/800 WBA Database class and reporting using the Web Based Reporting System (WRS).
  • Suitcase class: This class can be customized to meet your specific needs. The class will occur at your site. For more information regarding the Suitcase class, please call the SMS/800 Help Desk at 888-SMS-3300, Option 1.

What is the cost for a SMS/800 training class and where do I send the payment?

The fee for all SMS/800 training classes is $350.00 per student per day. The SMS/800 Help Desk must receive payment in full one (1) week before the start of class, payable to the order of "Sykes Enterprises, Inc.". Payment should be sent to:

SMS/800 Help Desk
c/o Alpine Access, Inc.
1290 Broadway
Suite 1400
Denver, CO 80203

How do I register for a training class?

To register for a class please contact the SMS/800 Help Desk. An SMS/800 trainer will e-mail or fax a registration form to you for the specific class. When the registration form is received by the SMS/800 Help Desk you will be registered for the class. Provided there is sufficient interest, the SMS/800 Help Desk will commit to conducting the class four (4) weeks before the scheduled class start date. At that time the SMS/800 Help Desk will notify you to confirm that the class will be conducted and an invoice will be sent to your company.

What is the SMS/800 Certification Exam?

To assure that Responsible Organization (Resp Org) users possess a minimal level of proficiency in the SMS/800 Production environment, the SMS/800 Help Desk administers a certification exam to all new Resp Orgs. Only one (1) person in the company needs to pass the Certification Exam for the Resp Org to complete the initial establishment process. The Certification Exam is graded on a ‘pass/fail’ basis. An ‘80% correct rate’ on the Certification Exam is considered passing. The current Certification Exam consists of 25 written questions and one (1) hands-on exercise, which requires the student to reserve a Toll Free number and build a Basic Customer Record (CAD), a Call Processing Record (CPR), and Label Definition (LAD).

How does an individual prepare for the Certification Exam?

An individual can prepare for the Certification Exam by attending the classroom training or completing a self study. The classroom training provides materials and hands-on exercises for each individual who attends. If the self study option is chosen, the Web Based Access (WBA) Student Guide can be purchased from the SMS/800 Help Desk to help with the study.

What is involved in the self study training?

The self study training is for individuals that cannot attend the 5-day SMS/800 Web Based Access (WBA) Database class. A person can complete a self study training class in preparation for the SMS/800 Certification Exam. After the required deposit and Service Establishment request are submitted, the individual will be granted access to the Tutorial WBA. The Tutorial WBA is a copy of the Production WBA but is used exclusively for training.

Once the individual has logged into the Tutorial WBA, the user can practice using all of the screens and features of SMS/800. They can also download the SMS/800 User Guide from the Help menu in the Tutorial WBA for reference at any time. All SMS/800 features available to Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) are described in the SMS/800 User Guide. The WBA Student Guide is also available for purchase in three (3) different formats for a set fee. To purchase a CD-ROM or Portable Document Format (PDF) copy of the WBA Student Guide, the fee is $60.00. To purchase a Printed copy of the WBA Student Guide, the fee is $170.00. If you are interested in purchasing this guide, please contact the SMS/800 Trainers at the SMS/800 Help Desk at 888-SMS-3300, Option 1. The SMS/800 Trainers will send you an invoice for the WBA Student Guide. The WBA Student Guide will then be delivered by FedEx or e-mailed upon receiving the payment. This is the same guide used in the classroom training.

The WBA Student Guide contains written questions and hands-on exercises to aid in learning the SMS/800 features. Help in understanding SMS/800 functionality and processes is also available anytime by calling the SMS/800 Help Desk. In addition, there are several “How-To” videos for Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) covering a variety of topics for SMS/800. SMS/800 videos are available to Resp Orgs after logging into the SMS/800 Website.

What happens if an individual does not pass the Certification Exam?

If an individual fails the first Certification Exam, he/she will be required to wait at least one (1) week before re-taking the Certification Exam. If an individual fails the Certification Exam a second time, he/she will be required to wait another week before attempting a third time. Any individual that fails three (3) Certification Exams, and is applying to become a new Resp Org, will have its application for Responsible Organization (Resp Org) access to SMS/800 rescinded. If the Resp Org decides to re-apply for access to SMS/800, the application will be treated as a first-time application. A period of at least six (6) months must elapse between the time the applicant is notified that its application has been rescinded and the time the applicant re-applies.

Training Schedule