For 24/7 support, call the SMS/800 Help Desk at 888-SMS-3300, Option 1.

How to Become a Resp Org

Access to SMS/800 allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to reserve Toll Free numbers for their customers and to set up call routing for them. Any person, company, or organization that can demonstrate the required skills and financial responsibility for managing Toll Free numbers can apply to become a Resp Org in SMS/800. This service is provided under the ‘800 Service Management System (SMS/800) Functions Tariff - FCC No. 1’ which is on file with the FCC.

The Service Establishment request can be used to apply to become a Resp Org in SMS/800. The Service Establishment checklist is available for download and can be used as a guide in the application process. The three (3) step application process includes:

Step 1: Complete and submit the Service Establishment request by selecting the “SMS/800 Requests” page from the “Related Links” navigational menu. The Service Establishment request provides SMS/800 with the following details: Company Information, Primary Contact, and Billing Contact(s).

Step 2: Provide a $4000.00 deposit check payable to "SMS/800, Inc.". Payment should be sent to:

    SMS/800, Inc.
    c/o SMS/800 Help Desk
    1290 Broadway
    Suite 1400
    Denver, CO 80203

Please note: At this time the only accepted form of payment is by check for the Service Establishment deposit. This deposit will be returned after one (1) year of good business practice with SMS/800.

Step 3: At least one (1) person in the company must pass a Certification Exam in order for the company to be certified in SMS/800. To prepare for the Certification Exam an individual can attend the 5-day SMS/800 Web Based Access (WBA) Database class or complete a self study using SMS/800 documents and the SMS/800 Tutorial Environment. You may find additional training information and a class schedule by selecting the “Training” page from the “Related Links” navigational menu.

  Service Establishment Checklist